Our members have patriots from numerous areas - including South Carolina. They include men and women.
Our patriots are soldiers, carpenters, farmers, educated and unschooled, rich and poor, from all walks of life.
These patriots served in many different capacities throughout their Revolutionary War service -
from participating as military members, jurors, nurses, doctors,
and providing material support like clothing, food, or supplies to the cause.

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Addt'l State
Patriot Name
1Lt George Leaycraft
1Lt George     Leaycraft
BGen PS Matthew Locke
BGen PS Matthew     Locke
CS George Buchanan
CS Isaac Farrar
CS John Frierson
CS John Frierson
CS PS Abijah Josselyn
CS PS Andrew Frederick
CS PS Edmund Freeman, Sr.
CS PS Jacob Casper Waldhauer
CS PS Johann Jacob Wagner, Sr.
CS PS John Mccall, Sr.
CS PS John Singletary
CS PS Jotham Bigelow, Sr.
CS PS Andrew   Frederick
CS PS Daniel     Beedy
CS PS Edmund   Freeman, Sr
CS PS Jacob Casper   Waldhauer
CS PS Johann Jacob  Wagner, Sr
CS PS John     Mccall, Sr
CS PS John   Singletary
CS PS Jotham   Bigelow, Sr
CS Philip Philhower
CS Thomas Sypert
CS Abraham     Ricks
CS George     Buchanan
CS John     Frierson
CS Philip     Philhower
CS Thomas     Sypert
Capt Catlett Conway
Capt Henry Connelly
Capt Henry Rhodes
Capt Isaac Andrews
Capt Jacob Rumph, Jr.
Capt Jonathan Loder
Capt PS George Rogers
Capt PS Oliver Lewis
Capt PS Thomas Davenport
Capt PS George     Rogers
Capt PS Godfrey     Stansill
Capt PS Oliver     Lewis
Capt PS Thomas     Davenport
Capt Ralph Stewart
Capt Robert Means
Capt William Polk
Capt Catlett     Conway
Capt Henry     Connelly
Capt Henry     Rhodes
Capt Isaac     Andrews
Capt Jacob   Rumph, Jr
Capt Jonathan     Loder
Capt Joseph     Parsons
Capt Ralph     Stewart
Capt Robert     Means
Capt William     Polk
Col Ann Hawkes Hay
Col Ann Hawkes Hay
Col CS PS Morton Wilkinson
Col CS PS Morton   Wilkinson
Col CS Thomas     Marshall, Sr
Col PS Joseph Maybank
Col PS Nathaniel Freeman
Col PS Joseph     Maybank
Col PS Nathaniel     Freeman
Col Ann Hawkes   Hay
Col Ann Hawkes   Hay
Cpl David Balcom
Cpl James Taylor
Cpl Jedediah Bigelow
Cpl PS Isaac Quigley
Cpl James     Taylor
Cpl James   Dyer
Ens PS Thomas Nunn
Ens PS Thomas     Nunn
Ens Daniel     Tucker
Ens Joseph     Blake
Ens Samuel     Mccampbell
LCol CS Thaddeus Crane
LCol CS Thaddeus Crane
LCol CS Thaddeus     Crane
LCol CS Thaddeus     Crane
LCol PS Moses Parker
LCol PS Moses     Parker
Lt CS PS Moses Arnold
Lt CS PS Moses   Arnold
Lt Gideon Bailey
Lt Isaac Blauvelt
Lt Isaac North
Lt PS Abraham Cole
Lt PS Increase Thayer
Lt PS Increase Thayer
Lt PS Joseph Lawton
Lt PS Abraham   Cole
Lt PS Belt     Milliken
Lt PS Increase   Thayer
Lt PS Increase   Thayer
Lt PS Joseph     Lawton
Lt Samuel Bassett
Lt Thomas Hayden
Lt Gideon     Bailey
Lt Henry     Ohl
Lt Isaac     North
Lt James     Marshall
Lt James Markham   Marshall
Lt Thomas     Hayden
Maj Robert Gillam, Sr.
Maj Robert     Gillam, Sr
Noncom John Michael   Lightner
Noncom Mayhew   Daggett
PS SDI John     Hart
PS SDI Robert     Morris
PS Alexander Archer
PS Audley Paul
PS Benjamin Simmons
PS Burwell Williams
PS Charles O'kelley
PS Charles Parsons
PS Daniel Easterly
PS David Orcutt
PS Edward Garrett
PS Elizabeth Bradley Gordon
PS Elizabeth Bradley Gordon
PS Elkanah Fuller
PS Enoch Pearson
PS Enoch Pearson
PS George Baldwin
PS George Purvis
PS Hezekiah Wilcox
PS Hugh Swinton
PS Isaac Richards
PS Jacob Daniel Shearer
PS James Black
PS James Bradley
PS James Mcafee, Sr.
PS Jeremiah Gustin
PS Johann Jacob Wagner, Jr.
PS John Guyton
PS John Hechler
PS John Josselyn, Sr.
PS John Krows
PS John Morgandollar
PS John Murphy
PS John Smith
PS Joseph Smith
PS Joshua Ward
PS Josiah Converse, Sr.
PS Margaret Prior X
PS Martha Mccall
PS Matthew Patten, Sr.
PS Michael Holt
PS Michael Holt
PS Michael Rentchler
PS Moses Pearson
PS Peter Wheelock
PS Richard Wright, Jr.
PS Robert Weakley, Sr.
PS Samuel Bradley, Sr.
PS Samuel Venning
PS Sarah Ward
PS Solomon Sparks
PS Thomas Benge
PS William Acker
PS William Coffin
PS William Cone
PS William Crisp
PS William Croskey
PS William Jayne
PS William Royall
PS Zephaniah Platt, Sr.
PS Zephaniah Platt, Sr.
PSThomas Ramsay Sr.
PS Alexander     Archer
PS Amos   Davis
PS Audley   Paul
PS Benjamin     Simmons
PS Burwell     Williams
PS Casper     Messner
PS Charles     O'kelley
PS Charles     Parsons
PS Daniel     Easterly
PS Daniel     High
PS David     Orcutt
PS Edward     Garrett
PS Elisha     Cook
PS Elizabeth   Gordon Bradley
PS Elizabeth   Gordon Bradley
PS Elkanah     Fuller
PS Enoch   Pearson
PS Enoch   Pearson
PS George     Baldwin
PS George Martin   Eisenhower
PS George Martin   Eisenhower
PS George   Purvis
PS Henry     Pendleton
PS Hezekiah     Wilcox
PS Hugh     Swinton
PS Isaac   Richards
PS Jacob Daniel   Shearer
Rank Legend

1Lt - First Lieutenant
Adj - Adjutant
Bgen - Brigadier General
Capt - Captain
Chp - Chaplain
Col - Colonel
Cpl - Corporal
CS - Civil Service
Dr - Doctor
Ens - Ensign

LCol - Lieutenant Colonel
Lt - Lieutenant
Maj - Major
PS - Patriotic Service
Pvt - Private
Qm - Quartermaster
Sgt - Sergeant
Staffof - Staff Officer
Sol - Soldier